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Taylor Walker Films Welcomes You


We are independent creatives & film makers based in the North East & North Yorkshire, Uk. Founded by Teresa Dawn Taylor in 2020. We write and produce our own material. In addition, we can offer a script writing service, idea development, script development and a full pre, production & post production service. For full details of our services, current projects, projects in development, investment opportunities and collaboration, see below.  


Services offered

Writing, idea/script development, full pre, production & post production support

We have award winning script writers and offer a variety of services that can be tailored specifically for your production need, from hands on pre production- call sheets, location, cast & crew liaison etc, to production management, coordination, marketing & social media campaigns, treatments and pitch. If you have a project you would like to discuss, we are happy to arrange a meeting to see how we can help. 

Creative Development & Production Support

Man Holding Camera

Exceeding Expectations

Creative Development can be one of the the most challenging stages in any project. Here at Taylor Walker Films, we will go above and beyond to deliver excellent results and meet deadlines. Get in touch today to find out more about the services we can offer, whether as a full production team, or targeted assistance that you may require with specific individual project tasks.

 Opportunities :

February 2021

We are looking for creatives & technical people from the North East & North Yorkshire to join our team. You must be ambitious, hard working and passionate about the industry.

In particular, we would love to hear from:

Lighting technicians

Sound recorders/ engineers

All our technical people work freelance and we are keen to add to our pool.

We would also welcome hearing from experienced Producers from the North East & North Yorkshire with a good production record- we are an exciting new production company, hit us up!





Scripts currently in development



We have a number of scripts currently in development:


I EXIST is a heart wrenching Sci Fi drama. We intend in the first instance to develop this into a short film for 2021. This will be a home grown Taylor Walker Films production.


The Dog & Gun is a crime drama being developed for a returning TV series and an independent production company. More details to be shared in due course!

Briefs Sitcom Series 1 Episodes 1- 5 is in production. This is an award winning script receiving an honorary mention and winner of the Festigious Los Angeles International Film Festival and a Semi Finalist of the SWN Screenplay Competition. Series 2 is currently being written and developed.

The Classroom - Working title


See Me

Documentary short. Based in a working class town in the North East 




We offer a script reading, script writing and idea development service.

Our Productions


Briefs Sitcom

Briefs : A Tv Sitcom written and created by Teresa Dawn Taylor with multi series potential. Briefs details the life and times of a high street legal practice but much more about the individuals involved than anything remotely legal. A ridiculous, chaotic, laugh out loud comedy with drama & a heart beat. Filming of the pilot episode and trailer commenced in early 2020. Episodes 2-5 will commence filming in 2021

Mysterious Dinner Lady : Something a little novel! This is a Children's Tv show written by 11 year old Elodie Grace Walker. We are hoping to have aspiring young film makers on board to assist with this production- we will be looking for collaboration on this project to be entered in young film makers festivals. Our young filmmakers are in need of sponsorship for this project, please get in touch if this is something you would like to get involved with. In particular they are looking at the hire of a green room and the making of a special effects model. More information supplied on request.


As an independent film company we rely on fund raising, sponsorships and investment. If you are a business and would like to be involved in our film making and story telling, please don't hesitate to get in touch as we would love to hear from you! 

Thanks for submitting!

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